Chinese Language Courses in Singapore

There are people with an unparalleled thirst for language learning . They are not content with just one more language . From a young age, we are told that it is very important to learn English, because it is the language of business, the shortcut to that great job market, because it is the language of the great television series of the United States. These justifications are valid, because when we learn English, many doors are open to us, and thus, we have access to a large number of information that is not available in Portuguese. On the other hand, it is important that the eyes and the mind be open to learning other languages. One of these is Mandarin, whose number of speakers exceeds the billion mark. Of course, the high number of speakers is explained by the number of people in China. However, the chinese tuition centre singapore, with its ancient history and cultural background, has become more than a language spoken by millions and millions of people, for there are other great reasons to learn it.

A little about the history of the Chinese language

The chinese tuition centre singapore is considered the oldest in the world, with approximately 6 thousand years of existence. The writing system uses symbols ( ideograms ) that are used to represent a word. For example, the ideogram means love . A large dictionary can contain about 40,000 symbols. Too many, right? However, to read a simple newspaper, for example, it is enough that you know between 2000 and 3000 ideograms .

In China , there is much more than just a dialect. The Mandarin is the dialect spoken in the region of Beijing , the Chinese capital, and for being the most talked about, is the official there. Despite the existence of several dialects , written communication is standardized.

The Chinese writing illustrates some of the major works that underlie the cultural repertoire of China and Eastern knowledge. The ideas of the great thinker Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC), the philosopher Lao Tze and the strategist and general Sun Tzu , author of the writings of The Art of War , were recorded in Chinese . Another of the great works in Chinese language is the I Ching – The Book of Changes .

Learning Mandarin in Singapore

Now that you know a little more about the Chinese language , how about attending a good Mandarin course in Singapore ? In the capital of Catalonia , you will find two highly recommended centers for new and experienced students:

Confucius Institute of Singapore

The name of the institute is inspiring, and it will undoubtedly awaken your curiosity and desire to learn the language of the great Chinese thinkers. The Confucius Institute of Singapore has intensive and annual courses. The annual modality is divided into classes for children and classes for adults . Besides these options, the institute offers a course of Chinese culture. And if you have an experience in teaching Mandarin , you can opt for the Chinese language improvement course .