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Bored or Boring? 🙁

Word endings such as -ed and -ing can be confusing. Let’s consider the common words bore, bored and boring. The problem is that “I am bored” has a different meaning than, “I am boring.” Let’s try to sort it out. I hope I don’t bore you.

Bored or Boring

  •     Use bored to describe a feeling. Use it with linking verbs — am, is, are, was, feel, felt: I am bored. I feel bored.
  •     Also use bored as a past tense verb: His story bored me.
  •     Use the -ing word in present continuous form to say what is happening now: You are boring me with your bad jokes.
  •     Use the -ing word as an adjective to describe a noun (a person, place, animal or thing): This is a boring TV show, a boring book, a boring movie.
  •     Use the infinitive form as a verb / action: That teacher bores her students with too many grammar lessons. But I promise, I will never bore you!

More Words with Similar Usage


I feel very frustrated because this exam is so frustrating. These exams frustrate me with confusing questions. These frustrating exams are really too much!


I feel excited on these slopes because the ski trails are very exciting. The challenge excites me. The most exciting ski slopes are in Colorado.


I am interested in this book because the cover looks very interesting. This author always interests me with unique characters. This very interesting book is all about history.

More Examples

I am bored now. I felt bored. We were bored. They felt bored.

This is a disappointing book. When I read it, I felt very disappointed?

He shocks me. I feel shocked when he makes those outrageous comments.

This boring lesson is stupid. I am so bored! I feel totally bored.

This magazine is surprising. I am really surprised by this magazine!

I am interested in jazz but I am not interested in politics. He is interested in cooking.

This war is terrifying. I feel terrified. I am terrified by war.

That class frustrates me. This class is frustrating.

We hope you found this post useful, and that you do not feel confused or…. bored!

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