Multiple Options to Achieve Results in Education

This is the meaning of the acronym MORE , an alternative maths tuition centre singapore is method that focuses on the idea that each person learns differently because each of us receives, processes and externalizes the information in a different way to the rest. Dr. Joyce Burick Swarzman, director of the Independent Day School (IDS) of Tampa (Florida), and Karolyn Snyder, director of the maths tuition centre singapore centers, creators of this pedagogical model, arrived at these conclusions.

The MORE method considers that “the first thing is the child” and applying it means turning the student into the true protagonist of their education and focusing on the use of cooperative learning strategies, different learning styles, multiple intelligences, different types of behavior, positive communication and much more. For this, it is essential that the school be a safe and trustworthy space for children with a relaxed and stimulating environment.

The seven basic principles of the MORE educational model are:

Create a student-centered environment, responding to the premise that the first thing is the child and instilling an Olympic mentality, that is, with effort and training can achieve what they propose.


Take into account differences in learning and offer various resources that are adapted to each student and different types of intelligences.


Use motivating strategies to awaken student interest and make the learning process fun, so they will spend more time on homework and will do it even beyond school.


Promote an atmosphere of dignity and respect with a positive attitude and language that will predispose students towards solutions rather than problems.

Use non-verbal language and strengthen emotional bonds so that students interpret the teacher’s presence as “I care” and see him or her as a guide or leader, but not as a distant authority. This creates an emotionally creative and safe environment for children.


Employ leadership and cooperation strategies, working as a team and fostering group dynamics and the creation of synergies not only among students, but also between students and teachers. A good example is the Kagan Structures: free content didactic sequences that integrate steps designed to structure the interaction of the students among themselves and with the subject, creating a positive social climate and promoting positive interdependence, individual responsibility, equitable participation and the interaction with the group.


Develop the curriculum in three parts: content, context and evaluation.

The only four schools in Europe accredited with the MORE teaching center certificate are located in the Valencian Community and belong to the Sorolla Group , a company of recognized prestige in the maths tuition centre singapore sector for more than 30 years. This certificate recognizes them by a differentiated learning in which children learn to learn for life.


One of these four centers is La Devesa Bilingual School of Carlet , whose Responsible for Innovation, Carol Calatayud Vidal, explains how “through educational innovation and the MORE model (Multiple Options for Obtaining Results in Education) they intend to open new horizons, reorganizing the teaching-learning process and applying strategies and methods that generate in the students the interest to know, discover, propose, analyze and enjoy directly from day to day in the classroom “.

In La Devesa bilingual School of Carlet they are very clear that emotion and feeling are the door to learning and they consider it their responsibility “to foster and develop to the maximum the potential of the students through multiple innovative strategies, with the aim of helping them Grow physically, intellectually and emotionally, respecting the differences and learning styles of each one of them”.

In short, the MORE methodology aims to increase the child’s commitment and accelerate their learning in an emotionally healthy environment, that is fun and creative, that involves a challenge, that makes it more productive and successful and that encourages you to want to learn from for life.