The Benefits Of A School With Extracurricular Activities

The extracurricular activities are all those that take place outside the class schedule and whose purpose is the development, intellectual, social and physical of the children and young people.

These activities help improve relations interpersonal and educational level because they increase the motivation of students , in addition to generating a sense of belonging with their peer group, improving self – esteem and sense of responsibility.

It is very important that our children attend a school with extracurricular activities, since these help the students to discover and develop their innate talents. Primary tuition centre singapore is where they can meet their passions and discover skills they did not know they had.

There are many extracurricular activities in which students can participate such as: basketball, soccer, dance classes, music, drawing, cooking, robotics among others.

Some of the benefits that these activities bring to our children are:

  •        They know different environments.
  •        They learn to organize and improve control over their time.
  •        It helps them socialize.
  •        Compete in a healthy way.
  •        Instill respect, as well as tolerance towards rules and people.
  •        They learn to make decisions and be responsible.
  •        They learn to work in a team.
  •        Physical activities improve motor coordination, reflexes, endurance, agility, strength and elasticity.
  •        Artistic activities help them to know other ways of expressing themselves and communicating.
  •        They teach to make decisions, take responsibility, overcome mistakes and enjoy successes.
  •        They help to release energy healthy, have fun and relax.


A school with extracurricular activities can be vital in the development of our children. Do not forget that the most important thing when choosing an activity is to look for personal development. The idea is to enjoy while learning and developing skills, not becoming a burden.

The quality of the activities and the guidance of those responsible for imparting them are paramount so that they become the ideal complement for the education of our children.