The Importance of Learning Chinese Since Childhood

When is the best time for learning the Chinese language ? Experts agree that “the sooner, the better”. It is proven that learning two languages ​​from a young age facilitates communication, learning is more natural and the second language is internalized innate . The process of learning a second language in chinese tuition centre singapore must be following the same process as that of the mother tongue: first listening and understanding to begin to speak that language unknown until then. And finally get to read and write.

The intelligence and character of children are completed 60% up to 3 years. At that time the understanding of children is very low but the ability to absorb knowledge is very high. Hence the importance of Chinese classes since childhood. The way to absorb is 360 (integral). Children will absorb everything they see, everything they hear … and everything at a great speed without discriminating good or bad knowledge. Therefore, the method we propose is to take advantage of this moment of the children in which their learning capacity is higher; by a method that combines language, characters, music and drawings of universal wisdom. We educate children taking advantage of their natural ability to learn. The chinese tuition centre singapore classes will be different.

Diverbo brings a new method for your children to learn Chinese in our Chinese classes:

  •        Classic reading books attractive for children.
  •        The best music that will enhance the child’s learning.
  •        Drawings, Chinese painting.
  •        Small groups.

Various activities with which  your child will speak Chinese and  learn a language and the culture that surrounds it . Our Chinese teacher, Diana Xuan, presents the new Dujing method. An effective method with Chinese lessons with which your child will learn Chinese by introducing it into the ancient Chinese culture.

7 reasons why it is advisable for your children to learn Chinese  from children

– Because learning this language  improves attention and more in the first 4 years of life.

– Because the child’s mind absorbs knowledge better, it is like a sponge and will internalize better the vocabulary, sounds, letters, grammatical constructions …

– Because you can learn by playing and there is no better way than fun to internalize unknown knowledge.

– Because learning two languages ​​almost on a par helps to exercise long-term memory and serves as mental training.

– Because you will understand cartoons in Chinese, songs in Chinese, theater in Chinese … Learning with music and animation will never be boring.

– Because as children there is more time to start learning than in young people.

– Because it is when you learn to learn .