Tips To Give A Good Education For Children

Talk with children

It is important that we as parents, but we know how to dialogue with our children, learn to do it.

Depending on the age of our children, it will be the type of communication we have with them.

When he is very small, telling stories or humming songs with them is a good option for him to learn how to communicate. We must do, that the child participates in these activities that we carry out with him.

Communication between people works if there is a conversation on both sides.

Listening to our children is as important as talking to them. But we can pay attention to them at a certain moment, tell them when we will do it. And say thank you for the wait.

The dialogue with the children also helps them to enrich their language and improve their intellectual development.

Accept children as they are

Many parents find it difficult to accept their children as they are and even more so when the character of the child is very different from that of the father or mother.

We are all different and it is not good to force the child to be who he is not. Be as we want it to be.

Nor make comparisons between one child and another.

The education of the children must be different for each child, based on the needs that each one requires. But being fair to all children is important.

Accepting children as they are helps them to improve their self-esteem and their personal development.

Our task as parents is to guide them to be good human beings, overcome aggressive attitudes, laziness, anxiety, depression, among others. But not wanting to change their personality, tastes and interests.

Do not reward children because they eat

On many occasions we reward children when they eat. This sometimes is not good, since eating is satisfying a physiological need of our organism and we have to do it. You do not have to always give yourself a reward for it.

Prizes must be given when the child has some achievement. Because if they occur easily, they can lose their value and importance.

When prizes are given to children, they do not always have to be material. You can take them for a walk or they can invite their friends to spend the day at home.

But something that should not be missing is to show our love. That is the best prize we can give them.

Give them the example

Children often imitate the attitudes of parents.

We cannot require our children to be educated people if we are not.

When we get somewhere we must greet the people who are there. Say goodbye cordially when we leave. So our children will follow our example.