What Is Educating With Values ​​And How Does the School Help In The Process?

It is difficult to find time to spare within a common school day, that is why developing values ​​in students can be a great challenge with enormous benefits. However, the maths enrichment class singapore is the first social structure a child encounters, which provides us with an excellent opportunity to develop values.

The school is not only to learn concepts, it is also a place where you get the base to become a respectable adult. Every school should create an environment of respect, honesty and kindness for students. Whether you like it or not, the teacher is a role model for your students and can offer you quality examples in the classroom every day. Every student is aware of what their teacher says, does and their way of reacting to a challenge. But without a doubt, the development of values ​​can be proactive through actions and designated activities within the classroom. These activities will encourage students to develop and adopt ethical principles and quality behaviors that will last beyond the classroom. Here are some examples of how the school helps in this process and how to raise children with values is complemented in the classroom.

Promoting respect

The classroom must be firmly established by a base of respect. Respect for one’s neighbor and oneself are the basis of all other positive personality traits. Negativity and abuse of any kind should not be tolerated, they should be corrected with the appropriate consequences. Highlighting the virtues of treating any partner with respect and dignity is of paramount importance for the personal development of a student. Promote role models.

Students choose examples to follow even if the teacher or adult does not notice it. An effort should be made to identify personality traits that are positive within all types of school material such as history, literature, science, art, etc. Teaching students deliberately about characters that they can imitate will help them develop values, by asking students about the kind of values ​​exemplified by certain characters and how they apply them, they will gain a better understanding of how to develop these values themselves.

A supportive attitude can be reinforced by a policy of zero tolerance regarding insults and negative behaviors, by ensuring that every student is included in the activities of the group and by exemplifying what is an act of kindness and rewarding when these happen at random.

Values ​​are the basis for living in community and relating to other people in a positive and respectable way. These allow us to have the tools to regulate our behavior for the collective good and achieve a harmonious coexistence. That is why the school is so important for the development of values, they are worth themselves and are important for what they are, the meaning they have for oneself, for what they represent and not for what others think of them. they. It is crucial that the student understands this and therefore, there is no better environment to develop them than the school, especially an environment where their good use is encouraged. When choosing a school for your child focus on one that teaches the same values ​​with which you have developed.