What is the ABN Method?

The initials that make up the name mean “Open Based on Numbers”. This methodology for the calculation Open Based on Numbers (ABN) is an alternative to the traditional teaching of mathematics tuition centre singapore, known as Closed-Closed Method (CBC).

Canto (2014) presents some characteristics of this classic method:

– It is a closed method: there is only one correct answer.

– The students work with the figures of the numbers separately.

– The students are not able to find a relationship between the concept of number and quantity.

– It’s a boring and irrational method, without teaching how to calculate.

– Prevents the estimate from being made. On the other hand, this new innovative method has characteristics different from those mentioned in the other method.

For its mention, I will use the argument of the author of this method Jaime Martínez Montero:

– You do not work with figures, but with numbers. There is a new conceptualization where the drawbacks of closed calculation are eliminated based on figures such as: those carried out are over; the breaking of the rigidity of basic operations, their algorithms and formats; end of the problems with zero and decimals in products and divisions; calculation processing from left to right; natural and spontaneous calculation, rejecting the mechanical calculation-mental calculation.

– Use of materials. The abacus gives way to the table of one hundred and the number line.

– Interactive and realistic treatment of numbers. The units, tens and hundreds form a connection between the multiform reality and that reflected in the writing.

– Open algorithms. Accessible and adaptable to all students, both for giftedness and infradotation, respecting the different learning rhythms of students.

– Transparency of formats and algorithms. The formats allow to quickly detect the exact point of the error that has been committed in the process produced.

– Reversibility of operations. In the sun appears the subtraction, in the subtraction the sum appears.

– Realistic and referenced approach. Use of manipulable materials and performance of operation through problem statements.

– Derivations and connections. Use of questions about the calculation and problems performed, in addition to relating terms of operations.

Jaime Martínez Montero (2010b), creator of this method, names it with the acronym ABN, which means Open Method  Based on Numbers .

The author defends in his research and studies that the purpose of this method is that the students do not acquire the mathematical contents in a mechanical and memorial way but what is intended with this novel system is that the student manages to perform operations and solve problems of all the possible ways and with total freedom at the time of finding the solution, looking through his own experience, giving him greater autonomy taking into account his capacity for calculation, reasoning and mathematical logic according to the educational stage in which he is. What makes it an open method  .

In addition, according to Martínez, J. (2010b and d). “All mathematics focuses on numbers, but from this method is pursued not to conceive these as a single and rigid number, but to develop the numerical sense in the student from their early school years,” completing the meaning of the acronym of the method to refer to the method is  based on numbers.