What is the Importance of Early Childhood Education?

Childhood , especially the first years, is the stage that has most influence in our lives. In it, the foundations are laid for what we will later become as adults and in it we acquire the values and principles that will determine our conduct, both individually and socially.

It is the moment of our life in which, among other things, we appropriate the language and social codes with which we live and, above all, we approach the culture in which we are immersed.

Hence the importance of early childhood learning centre singapore, which should not only be understood as an obligation or a prerequisite to a specific work or professional option, but rather as a tool for the training of independent, self-sufficient individuals with their own performance criteria.

Values and functions: importance of early childhood education
The importance of children’s education lies above all in its functionality, that is, in what it contributes to children for the formation of their character, their identity, their personality and, later on, their professional profile.
Therefore, it must be accompanied by certain values, conjunctural characteristics and complementary actions that reinforce this role. Some essential points in this regard are:

The guidance and accompaniment of parents and guardians.
Adequate nutrition and food
Participative, democratic environments and in which values such as equality, respect, solidarity and coexistence prevail.
The game as a tool of representation and understanding of reality.
The promotion of social commitment and participation in the life of the community.
The transmission of quality knowledge and useful for everyday life.

Importance of early childhood education: refugee children
When it comes to humanitarian crises, the importance of early childhood education is twofold. Children are one of the most vulnerable population groups in situations of this type and it is necessary to ensure their safety and rights.

According to UNHCR, more than half of the 65.3 million refugees in the world today are minors , which means that aid agencies redouble their efforts to protect them from conflicts and wars. One of the tools to achieve this is learning centre singapore.

Whether it is initiatives in host countries or refugee camps, UNHCR deploys all its means so that children who have been forced to leave their homes continue with their primary or secondary education.

In this way they are returned to their childhood and are protected from the usual threats in these contexts, such as forced recruitment in the ranks of combat groups, sexual abuse or child labor.

Furthermore, given the uncertainty of its present, learning centre singapore provides resources for its survival . An example of these are the children who for almost 40 years have been educated in the refugee camps of Tindouf, in Western Sahara , and who have managed to forge a future out of there. Right now, many of them are the only hope for the future of their families.

At present, the situation of refugee children is critical. For this reason, UNHCR and other humanitarian agencies have once again called for governments and individuals to support schooling programs and prevent a whole generation of children from diminishing their chances of having a decent life.