When To Look For a Nursery School?

Our little son is getting older and the time has come to look for a nursery school. It will be your first experience outside the family environment and we have to take care of all the details to make it as pleasant and natural for the child (and for us). It is normal that many doubts arise, especially if we are new parents, about how to choose a nursery school or what is the best nursery school for our child. Another question that we raise and that from The World of Mozart will answer in this post, is when to find a kindergarten. Primary tuition centre singapore is the best place for your children to learn and gain knowledge.

When should we start looking for a nursery school?

The recommended age for a child to start school is between 18 and 22 months. After a year and a half, he already has a certain autonomy: he says a few words, walks, plays with other children and does not need his parents contact so much. However, it is usual that the date of incorporation into the infant school must be anticipated due to family needs.

Starting early school is not negative for our child, quite the opposite. This offers us the assurance that the child will be attended by qualified personnel, in an environment that will facilitate their socialization and favor their autonomy and will contribute in a very positive way in their integral development.

Advantages of the nursery from 0 to 3 years

In the first cycle of early childhood education, stage in which The World of Mozart is specialized and focuses its work, the child is given the appropriate stimuli to enhance and promote their cognitive and intellectual capacity. The first three years of life are key in its later development.

The nursery school in this age range favors social skills, helps to establish appropriate behaviors, enhances the early development of the area of ​​language, comprehension and expression. In addition, it promotes neuromotor activity , knowledge of one’s own body, accelerates learning and teaches how to coexist and helps socialize with other children.

No matter how old our child is when we decide to start a nursery school, we must face this new stage naturally, normally and joyfully, and transmit it to the child.