Why Moving with Young Children Is So Important

There are more and more initiatives for toddlers and preschoolers to organize in an organized manner. Children up to six years old are masse given up by their parents for yoga, dance, football, hockey and gym classes. The government invests in all kinds of different exercise initiatives. Moving is not only important for childrens, Based on parents education is very important to their children. Here I will suggest you Tuition Center Singapore to learn and move at the same time.


Why is it so important to start moving at a young age? And are these reasons well founded? We at Monkey Moves make us strong for good motor development and self-reliance in children. We take a number of important reasons with you.

Improvement of motor skills

Obviously, parents expect that the motor skills of their child go forward when exercising. This is indeed often the case with toddler and toddler sports. Children learn by practicing and repeating and that is exactly what happens during the sports lessons. That exercises must fit with the age of the child speaks for itself. Recent research shows that parents from the age of five have a greater need for supply tailored to the wishes and level of movement of the child. It is important that children are challenged at their own level so that every child can learn. Only then will children continue to improve motor skills.

Countering excess weight

It is not self-evident that every sports lesson contributes directly to the prevention of overweight.

Parents are increasingly aware of the importance of moving at a young age. Children who start exercising at a young age also move more in later life. Because parents give up their children for exercise activities, parents show that they find it important that their child moves. Research from Scotland shows that after a 12-month participation in a physical exercise, young children have become more motorized than children who did not participate. The same study also shows, however, that these children do not move more actively or are better at weight six months after participating in this exercise intervention. It is not self-evident that every sports lesson contributes directly to the prevention of overweight. It is therefore important to take enough other activities with the child in addition to taking part in the exercise class. That is why integrating exercise in daily life is also important. Children must have the self-assurance to be able to move and dare to move independently outside or inside.

Increase self-confidence

Increasing self-confidence by becoming stronger motor is another reason for many parents to participate in sports lessons. However, one should not think too easily about this. Self-confidence only comes into its own when the individual growth of the child is emphasized. By linking this with positive feedback, trust can grow. Exercise lessons where performance is paramount can even have a negative effect on the toddler or toddler. The trainer / coach has a very important role in increasing self-confidence and in addition creating a non-competitive learning environment. As a parent it is therefore important not to compliment the outcome but especially the input. In this way, the chances are higher that the child becomes intrinsically motivated to move more and more often.

Improve social-emotional skills.

Exercising as a means to stimulate social-emotional skills is also mentioned by parents. Motorically children will make huge leaps, but this also applies to social emotional skills. Young children often have a world in which they themselves are the tuition center singapore. Sharing and waiting for you are aspects that are still very difficult. Parents should not expect that very young children will understand this after following some exercise classes. They do get to know different social emotional skills. Here too, the context of the exercise class is very important. Sport is not self-evidently social. The coach also has an important role in this. For example, it is important to involve all children. When this happens well, children can learn a lot, such as working together and recognizing emotions.


The context of the exercise classes is very important for the final result.